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Slightly Trickier Sample Survey

This is a sample survey designed for testing LimeSurvey.

Welcome to the LimeSurvey Sample Survey

This is a sample survey designed for testing LimeSurvey.

One of the first things you'll need to do, in order to make this work properly, is to fix up the "reference to previous answers" codes in the first two questions of Group 2. These questions contain (INSERTANS:1X2X3) code that needs the numbers changed to match questions 1 and 3 of Group 1. In order to find this number out, browse to question 1 of Group 1, and then copy the code from the URL bar in your web browser, starting from the number after "SID="

IE: 29975&gid=2&qid=4

Then, replace the "&gid=" with an X, and replace the "&qid=" with an X. So you should have:


Then, you can replace the number in the curly brackets of question 1, group 2, so that it says:


Do the same with the other codes in the questions.

More information on using the answers to previous questions in your questions is available in the documentation.

There are 13 questions in this survey.
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